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Festival Hair 101 - eco-friendly secrets to showstopping hair at Glastonbury.

Glastonbury Festival - time to let your hair down...

(or put it up in space buns, add a crazy amount of accessories, and finish with a glitter parting, of course!)

You’re coming to Glastonbury to enjoy showstopping music, delicious food, and excellent company. With all the dancing, sweating, and general chaos that comes with galavanting around a festival, it’s a challenge to keep your hair looking or feeling fabulous.

At Inner Sanctum, we have everything you need to keep you looking fierce, are eco-first in all we do, and are delighted to be sharing Charlotte from our Dressing Up Parlour’s top tricks, eco-friendly tips, and festival hairstyles to try.

Read on and your hair will be the ‘mane’ event all weekend.

Lizzo, Alison Goldfrapp, and Becky Hill - incredible Glastonbury female headliners who know how to do festival fashion. These festival looks from the likes of Rita Ora, Kesha, Stacy Solomon, and Pixie Lott have got us practicing festival hairstyles already!

We know what you're thinking though... recalling the times you've woken up at a festival with a haystack on your head: knotty, dry, and flyaway hair - resorting to a tight bun and Kirby grips to see you through until you tackle it at home... but we've got news for you!

Festival life doesn't have to be a hair mare! We've got the answers here.

Charlotte is joining us from a local hair & beauty salon and will be at Inner Sanctum's Dressing-Up Parlour every day of Glastonbury Festival.

Book a session between 10 am-2 pm to get set for the day; you could come straight after a hot shower and enjoy a proper blow dry, straightening, or curling. Then from 6 pm-8 pm, Charlotte will be back to prep you for the evening ahead - stay-fast plaits, cute space buns, glitter - the works!

Find more treats when you explore our campsite or read on for those top tips!

Charlotte's Top 5 festival hair hacks:

Tips to maintain your locks all festival long, from our professional hair stylist. Don't miss

1. Your hair needs sunscreen too!

Yes - your hair needs protection from the sun, just like your skin - especially if you’ve got light, fine thin, flat, or tightly coiled hair. Sun damage can cause discoloration, leave your locks dry and brittle, and cause broken or split ends, thinning, and frizziness.

Use a UV protection spray - I love this leave-in UV milk from Davines.

2. Powdered sunscreen is the answer.

Your scalp burns easily and lotion is not an option, so get a powder and apply it at least daily to keep a cool head.

Have a look at these eco-friendly options.

3. Hair oil will help flyaways and dry ends.

There are tonnes of excellent natural hair oils out there, with a range of nourishing ingredients to suit all hair types. Coconut, macadamia, rosemary, argan… the list goes on. Try the Davines anti-frizz oil - it’s so easy to use.

4. Avoid plastic-filled hair sprays.

Your hair ‘do needs to last as long as you do; moshing, lunging, and shaking your head around like crazy. So you need a firm-hold product that’s not packed with harmful parabens, microplastics, and artificial fragrances.

Find Essential Moves Wellness’s guide to the best natural hairsprays here.

5. Carry dry shampoo in your bag.

Sweat be gone! We’ve got 24/7 hot showers at Inner Sanctum, but if you don't have that luxury, dry shampoo is a quick fix for that just-washed feels, adding volume and smelling fresh.

I found some great options to pop in your bumbag on this blog.

Recommended hairstyles for festivals:

Plaits and braids

  • Keep your hair in one place with plaits - it’ll stay put through the day & night, even when you sleep - leave them in as long as you like!

  • French, Dutch, fishtail, or waterfall - make it your own.

  • When you take them out, you’ll not just be knot-free but will have created beachy waves.

Space buns

  • A festival classic: two buns that can be decorated to suit your own personal style.

  • Glitter, clips, gems, feathers, flowers - let your character shine through!

  • Create a boho style by doing messy buns and pulling some strands loose.

Glitter partings

  • One of my personal faves: instantly adds colour and pizzazz to any ‘do.

  • Traditional glitter is harmful to the environment and really difficult to clean up.

  • Always choose biodegradable glitter made from plant-based materials.

Recycle your accessories!

Don’t buy new every time, turn old into new! Turn an old necklace into a hair chain or plait ribbons through your hair. If the sun’s blazing (fingers crossed), then hats and headbands can provide welcome shade to prevent sunstroke and dehydration.

Check out this DIY festival captain hat tutorial:

Festival hair - do care!

So that's it; you're all set for Glastonbury 2023... unless you haven't booked your private camping yet! We have limited availability left, but we'll book up following the Glastonbury ticket re-sale - so act quickly.

Click here to check availability or speak to one of the team.

As a guest at Inner Sanctum, you can enjoy all of this as part of your package:

  • Freshly cooked hot breakfast each morning.

  • Group yoga sessions.

  • Use of our on-site facilities, available to our guests only:

  • Hot tubs - upgrade to a private hot tub next to your tent in quiet camping for +£200 for the full week.

  • Posh loos & hot showers.

  • Dressing-Up Parlour with full-length mirrors and dressing tables.

  • Yurt Lounge.

  • Shuttle bus into the festival ~3 min journey

  • Electric points for charging.

  • 24/7 security.

You can also enjoy the following on-site extras:

  • Yurt Restaurant with our official caterer Ceylon & Beyond, which serves bold and adventurous food with authentic Sri Lankan ingredients throughout the day.

  • Private festival bar run by Merry Hare Events, serving a range of beers, ciders, spirits, and cocktails.

  • Body & Indian head massages.

  • Shiatsu treatments.

  • Hair stylist and make-up and body artist.


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