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This privacy policy applies to THE CLIENT who makes a booking via our website and THE COMPANY, Inner Sanctum – Pilton.

This policy applies to the data that you provide us with via our booking system / website and is for the use of your booking for Inner Sanctum – Pilton.

This policy should is equally as important as the information that can be found within our terms and conditions via our website and by following this link https://www.innersanctum-

Please be aware of all the information set out in our terms and conditions and be aware that once the booking form is made then we take your personal information very seriously and will never share with any third parties.

The information that you give to us for your booking is for the sole purpose of ensuring you get the best experience from joining us at Inner Sanctum – Pilton and therefore we give you everything you require that you give details about via our booking system.

We will only share relevant information to our employees and Inner Sanctum – Pilton team such as the following:

Name, age if under 16, vehicle registration number required for car park.

Any other personal information such as bank details is not stored by us and any other information you give to us via our booking form remains with us until your booking is terminated.

We only ask you for the personal information set out in the booking form and will only use email addresses and names for future promotional emails should we feel you may be interested. You are able to opt out of this at any time.

Should you require any other information or wish to change the information that you give to us you are able to email us and change any details in writing.

We will never sell your personal information.

Inner Sanctum Pilton may change this privacy policy at any time and will let you know of any changes should you decide to make a booking with us.

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