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The Company 

Is Inner Sanctum – Pilton LtdIt is also anyone working for Inner Sanctum. This includes the director, Lizzie Spooner, as well as any person who works with them. All Inner Sanctum - Pilton crew will be wearing an Inner Sanctum Crew wristband, and either an Inner Sanctum - Pilton badge or T-shirt to easily identify them.

The Client

Is you, or the person taking out the booking and therefore entering into a legal agreement with The Company. This contract begins once you start paying for your booking so please read all of these terms and conditions before paying as once you do so you have entered into a legally binding contract between you and The Company.  The person who makes the booking is THE CLIENT and is responsible for the behaviour and actions of every person who is included in the same booking. 

Booking Form

Is the online booking form found on our website with the initial booking information

Client Questionnaire

Is the additional client request form that is completed by the client to ensure we provide everything they require during their stay with us. It is The Clients responsibility to ensure they have permission to provide personal information for everyone under the same booking. It is The Clients responsibility to check with everyone in the booking that their likes and preferences and allergies or special needs and requirements are noted on the Client Questionnaire.

Hire period

Is the period of time our client is hiring our equipment, from the first day to the last as indicated on the booking form -  and is the period of time the client is responsible for such equipment, also abiding by our terms and conditions during that time.

Hire charge

Is the overall price for the hired equipment during the hire period.

 Any extra charges incurred are payable on demand during the hire period.


Is the tent that our client is hiring and all the contents supplied by the company within the tent, including accessories outside the tent, e.g lighting, chairs, fire bowls etc.

Also included in equipment is any of the additional services the company provides for the use of the client, for example, hot tubs, washing facilities, bar, restaurant, shuttle bus service,  and everything listed on the “what is included in your ticket” section of the website.





  1. You must prove you have a valid Glastonbury festival ticket prior to arriving at our camp. Failure to do this will result in a cancellation of your booking and NO refund will be issued. To secure the booking the client needs to complete the online booking form found on the website under BOOK NOW tab.

  2. FULL PAYMENT is optional however we usually ask for 25% to secure the booking. The remaining balance will be invoiced to you on March 11th 2024. Any bookings made after this time will require full payment at the time of booking. Once the payment is made the client is entering into a legal binding contract between themselves and The Company and are agreeing to abide by the rules set out in these Terms and Conditions.

  3. No personal information is shared with third parties.

  4. Full refunds (minus a small fee of £30 to cover administration fees) are offered for any cancellations made before December 01st 2023. See no.76 below for further information regarding any cancellations.

  5. At the time of booking, we ask you to make carpark reservations as well as your accommodation choice. Please note, if you need to make changes to your booking then we need you to write to us via email to to confirm these changes. We cannot guarantee we will be able to make the changes, for example if you need an extra tent for your group we can only add this to your booking if there is availability, similarly if you require an extra bed in your tent then it must be able to accommodate an extra bed for example.

  6. These terms and conditions may be altered at any time, please be aware of the most recent ones, which will be displayed on our website.

  7. Any extra charges incurred are payable on demand during the hire period, for example food and drinks, massage etc. A list of services is available upon request. An up to date list of services will be made available from the Company and this can change at any time, however the Company sets out to provide everything as promised on the website. Only under extreme circumstances will the services be altered or withdrawn.

  8. Bookings will only be accepted by completing the online booking form and any additional paperwork given to the client from the company.  The Company will only accept written confirmation for bookings of any sort so please dont' rely on verbal communication as the final booking. The client will be informed via email with written confirmation from the company when the booking is confirmed.

  9. The Company reserves the right to refuse any booking application with supporting reasons.

  10. It is the Clients responsibility to check all given information on all booking forms to ensure that the information is correct and up to date. The Company will not be held responsible for incorrect information given to them from the Client. 

  11. The Client agrees to adhere to the following expectations:

  12.  It is the Clients sole responsibility to hold a valid and up to date Glastonbury Festival ticket for each person who is         made under the principal Clients booking and booked into the Company’s campsite.The Company does not have the right to give The Client access to Glastonbury Festival. 

  13. The Client will arrive on the agreed day after midday and vacate on the agreed day before midday as set out at the time of booking.  The client will only have access to the Company’s equipment from the first day of the hire period and will vacate by midday on the last day of the hire period.  The Client will wait until The Company has properly erected and installed the tents before they enter. The Client is able to enjoy The Companies communal tents such as the Yurt Bar or restaurant if they need to wait for their tent to be ready. At times The Company may still be setting up on the first day of the hire period. This will not in any way warrant any refund to the The Client. The Client will not enter the equipment until it is fully erected and the Company has done final checks to ensure it all passes the risk assessment. 

  14. No pets (unless Guide Dogs and previously arranged with The Company) are allowed to accompany the Client to the Company’s campsite. No other animals are allowed on site with The Client or anyone in their booking.

  15. The principle Client who made the booking will be held responsible for all persons in the booking. The principle Client will be held responsible for all actions and behaviour of all persons included in the booking.

  16. The Client and all persons in their booking will respect others and respect the privacy of other guests at the campsite.

  17. One car park pass is offered per tent booked. Any additional vehicle passes required need to be arranged with the Company before the hire period and paid in full. The Company is not obliged to offer additional vehicle passes and has the right to refuse such a request.

  18. The Client is fully responsible for the safety of the equipment and the safety of any person who makes 
use of the equipment for the duration of the hire period.

  19. The Client is responsible for the safety and security of all equipment for the duration of the hire period.

  20. The Client will take all reasonable steps to make sure that the equipment is not at any time altered or interfered with and if The Company feel it necessary will allow access to inspect the tent.

  21. The Client agrees to The Company's NO SMOKING inside the tents policy, & agrees that if they do smoke it is further than 2m from any tent.

  22. No gazebos or any other tent or structure is permitted at the campsite. Only tents and structures provided by The Company are permitted.

  23. Any damage caused to the tent and its' equipment and furnishings will be the sole responsibility of the Client
 and they will be invoiced and agree to pay for any damage caused.

  24. Only fire bowls supplied by The Company will be accepted. Only BBQ’s supplied by The Company will be accepted. Any fire or barbecue or fire bowl must be situated at least 4m away from the tipi/yurt and must be 
extinguished when un-attended.
 Please inform any member of The Company if you want to leave the fire and need help extinguishing it.

  25. No open flames or cooking equipment is permitted on site by our guests. No smoking is permitted inside any of the tents or other structures. We provide food and drinks in our yurt restaurant.

  26. All doors should be closed and secured when The Client leaves the tipi/yurt/tents.

  27. The equipment remains the sole property of The Company at all times and The Client is
 prohibited from hiring, selling or parting possession from the equipment for the duration of the hire period.

  28. Whilst The Company will always do its best to ensure that you enjoy the use of the tipi/
yurt, Bell tent and other structures on site, The Company cannot be held responsible for bad weather.

  29. The Company has a laundry service that The Client can make use of at an additional cost. This means The Client will have to wait for a few hours until the clean and dry laundry is returned. The Company can close the laundry service at any time and is not obliged to accept requests.  Please make enquiries at the Reception.

  30. The Client may not extend the hire period without prior permission from The Company and The Company has the right to decline the request.

  31. The Company or any of their suppliers will not be responsible for any injury or damage to 
persons/property arising from the use of any equipment under hire. The Company or their suppliers will not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential loss, damage or additional costs that may
 arise as a result of The Company or any of our suppliers being in default of the performance of its duties.

  32. The Client accepts full responsibility for the safety of the hired tent and equipment and the safety of any person who
makes use of the tent for the duration of the hire period.

  33. The Client is responsible for the safety and security of the hired tent and  The Client will respect and behave appropirately within all communal areas and tents on site that they may come into contact with.

  34. The Client should adhere to noise level regulation as regards to music/sound systems: no loud music will be allowed between 2am and 10am. If The Client is asked to lower levels on sound systems and the Client does not comply, the Company reserves the right to remove sound systems and return it at check out.

  35. The Client should only bring food and drinks for their own consumption - absolutely no glass is permitted: casual vending is not allowed. NO cooking or open flames are allowed by our guests. Food and drinks will be served in the YURT RESTAURANT.

  36.  The Company provide fresh produce for breakfast and there will be food / snacks throughout the day. The Company may also offer an evening meal option , for example panini's, toasties, or maybe wood-fired pizza or BBQ. 

  37. Breakfast:  No refunds will be given if breakfast is missed.

  38.  Breakfast is included each day of your stay.

  39. The Company use a professional catering company. They meet all the standards required for a professional company and are fully insured.

  40. The Company offer set breakfast to cater for vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters.  The Company can cater for anyone with special dietary requirements if they are informed in writing before 90days of the hire period. The Company will do their best to meet the demands of the Client but cannot guarantee they can provide exactly what is requested. The Client will be informed of any alterations to the menu. Any special dietary requirements can be requested at this time. The Company takes allergies very seriously and will always do their best to meet the needs of each Client.

  41. Breakfast will be served from the Yurt Restaurant between a certain time frame.

  42. There is no table service. Clients will come to the bar to collect their breakfast.

  43. No refunds will be given for any missed breakfasts.

  44. On site snacks can be bought during the day. Opening times will be clearly displayed at the restaurant.

  45. FREE MOBILE PHONE CHARGING SERVICE: Our guests are welcome to use the plug sockets within our communal areas such as the bar and restaurant for the purpose of charging their mobile phones. No other device is permitted and The Company will not be held responsible for any loss or damage caused to personal belongings of any kind. For tents with electric sockets these are strictly for charging mobile devices only.

  46. HOT TUB: The HOT TUB will be managed by THE COMPANY. Each guest has one free half hour session in the hot tub. Each guests must book their spa session in advance and we cannot guarantee the time slot they desire will be available.  This offer is only valid up until Saturday 19:00hrs. Should a guest miss their timed slot, we will try to find an alternative time, however we cannot guarentee there will be one available.  This is for Health & Safety reasons and to ensure each hot tub is available as exclusive hire for the group who booked it.  The Company will not be held responsible for any children who use the hot tub. Children are the sole responsibility of the adult who accompanies the child to the campsite and The Company expect well behaved children and adults alike when using the equipment.

  47. Everyone using the hot tubs will behave appropriately and safely and anyone mis-using the equipment will be verbally warned by The Company and asked to leave if they need to be warned again.

  48.  The Client uses the hot tub at their own risk. 

  49. It is advised that anyone who is pregnant avoids using the hot tub.

  50. No food is permitted in or near the hot tubs.

  51. The Client will wear swimwear when in the tub and avoid the use of makeup or oily moisturiser  or suncream.

  52. OTHER BEDS / WOOD BEDS / MATTRESSES: The double beds are designed for 2 persons only. The single beds are designed for 1 person only. Please do not exceed the recommended number of people per bed.

  53. Do not walk, stand on or jump on the beds as a trampoline.

  54. SOFT FURNISHINGS / DUVETS / PILLOWS: The Company will provide good quality soft furnishings, duvets and pillows. Any allergies need to be stated at the time of booking so The Company can accommodate The Clients the best they can. The Company will find alternative duvet and pillows for anyone with allergies if previously discussed at the time of the booking.

  55. The Company will provide double duvets for a double bed, and single duvets for a single bed.

  56. The Company will provide 1 pillow per person unless otherwise stated.

  57. The Company will provide 1 towel per guest.

  58. All equipment remains the property of The Company and must be left in the tents on departure. All tents will be inspected by The Company before The Client and accompanying guests leave. Amy missing items will incur a replacement fee and The Client will be invoiced accordingly. 

  59. The Company will provide one set of clean bed linen per bed for the duration of the hire period and 1 towel per person for the duration of the hire period.

  60. The unfurnished tents do not include bedding. The Client who books the unfurnished tent is required to bring their own camping mats, duvet and pillows etc.

  61. EQUIPMENT ALLOCATION: The equipment will include either a Yurt, Bell Tent or Tipi for the maximum occupancy of two- four people, as agreed at the time of booking. Any extra people need to be agreed with The Company prior to the hire period and the extra fee paid prior to the hire period.

  62. It is The Clients responsibilty to check the equipment supplied by The Company corresponds to what was booked by The Client and is in working order on arrival. Any faulty equipment or issues with the booked equipment needs to be notified to the Company within 24hrs of receiving the equipment. Failure to do so will render the Client responsible for the total payment of the hire.

  63. The Client accepts full responsibility for all Equipment.

  64. PAYMENT: At the time of booking The Client will pay either the full amount or opt for the deposit installment plan. Any additional extra's can be added via email to and confirmed via email to The Client from The Company.

  65. DEPOSIT / SUBSCRIPTION PLAN: If the Client opts for a subscription plan they are agreeing to pay an initial deposit at the time of booking and then monthly installments until the overall cost of their booking is paid. The deadline for the last monthly instalment should be March 2024. The Company will automatically take the monthly fee on the same date each month from the same bank account details that were given at the time of the initial booking. The Company will take payment automatically until the end of the subscription, or when the full payment for the booking has been paid.

  66. MISSED PAYMENTS: Any missed payments will mean A) A termination of the contract and the booking will be cancelled with no refund given unless The Client writes to within 7 days of the missed payment. Or B) If The Client writes to within 7 days of the missed payment then The Company may decide to keep the booking with a new aggreement for payment in place. 

  67. The Company will confirm the booking via email once the full payment is paid.

  68. The Client is bound by these terms and conditions once the first payment is received.

  69. The Company suggests everyone in the booking read and agree to abide by these terms and conditions.

  70. Payment can be made via our website with all major credit/debit cards. We also accept BACS payment or Paypal. Any PayPal payments will incur the Paypal fee of which The Client will pay. Please write to us in an email to  to request this service.

  71. CANCELLATION: In the event of The Client wishing to cancel the booking then The Company can give a full refund (minus a £30 administration fee ) if the booking is cancelled before December 01st 2023.  

  72. The Client must write to The Company to cancel the booking using the following email address:, Please note, a refund will only be given once the Equipment is re-hired. See details below on charges.

  73. The payable cancellation fee between December 02nd 2023 - March 21st 2024 is 25% of the overall price of your booking. Any cancellations made after March 21st 2024 is 100% of the hire charges, therefore no refund will be given and any outstanding installments will continue to be taken. Please note, refunds may take up to 7 working days to appear in your bank account.

  74. If for any reason The Company has to cancel the booking, they will return the full amount paid for the booking to The Client, UNLESS it is cancelled due to Covid 19 or any other Goverment inforcements see note 94 for The Companys Force majeure and in which case The Company will keep the funds and the booking will be kept for the new date for the event.

  75. The Client is responsible for any damage and/or loss caused to the Company’s Equipment by their acts and behaviour. The Client further agrees to compensate for any costs or liabilities arising from the Clients actions or the actions of any person in their booking.  Please note our security team will only allow those with a valid Inner Sanctum - Pilton 2024 wristband and anyone found to have entered without permission will be removed by security. The Client who is assoiciated with anyone not permitted on site will invoiced for any damage caused if any. 

  76. LOSS OR DAMAGE TO THE CLIENT: All of the Client’s possessions are the sole responsibility of the Client. Any of the Clients belongings, stored, carried or otherwise in the responsible care of the Company shall be done so at the Clients own risk at all times.

  77. The Company does not take any responsibility for any loss or theft of the Client’s belongings.

  78. The Company will not refund or reimburse any money to The Client for any loss or theft that may incur.

  79. CLIENT BEHAVIOUR: It is the responsibility of The Client and all those in their booking to behave approprately throughout the whole time they are on site at Inner Sanctum Pilton , this includes when using the shuttle bus and going to and from the festival on foot. You will not cause offence to the company or its employees or behave in an innapropriate way or cause offence or danger to others, or behave in a way that risks damage to property belonging to others (including but not limited to drunkenness).

  80. The company has the right to cancel your booking at any time if;

  81. You behave in a manner that will be, in our opinion, detrimental to the enjoyment of other guests, local residents or The Company staff or sub-contractors and/or causes distress or you behave in our opinion inappropriately, or cause The Company to be concerned about our equipment, service or any of our products.

  82. Whilst at our campsite you behave in what we believe as inappropriate or causes offence or danger to others or which risks damage to property belonging to others (including but not limited to drunkenness).


IN WHICH CASE you will not receive any refunds of any kind and you will need to leave the campsite when The Company specifically tell you to. Any damage caused will be invoiced to you and the main Client who made the booking directly.



94. While every effort will be made by the Company to carry out it's duties the Company will not be held responsible for any Act of God, War, Strikes, Riots, Lockouts or any other disturbances: Fire, Flood, Storm, Gale and Tempest restrictions on the use of Transport, Fuel or Power, Requisitioning Storage of material or transport or any other cause beyond the control of the Company.




95. By submitting a Booking Request on this Website, you consent to us processing your personal data in accordance with our Data Protection and Privacy Statement. See Below.




96.  The Company abides by the Law of The United Kingdom and any dispute arising hereunder shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of United Kingdom.

PRIVACY POLICY as of October 07th 2022


This privacy policy applies to THE CLIENT who makes a booking via our website and THE COMPANY, Inner Sanctum – Pilton.


This policy applies to the data that you provide us via our booking system / website and is for the use of your booking for Inner Sanctum – Pilton.


This policy is equally as important as the information that can be found within our terms and conditions as stated in the above document and titled Terms and Conditions. This PRIVACY POLICY document uses the same terms as stated in the terms and conditions statement above.


Please be aware of all the information set out in our terms and conditions and be aware that once the booking form is made then we take your personal information very seriously and will never share with any third parties.


The information that you give to us for your booking is for the sole purpose of ensuring you get the best experience from joining us at Inner Sanctum – Pilton and therefore we give you everything you require that you give details about via our booking system.


We will only share relevant information to our employees and Inner Sanctum – Pilton team such as the following:


Name, age if under 16, vehicle registration number required for car park.


Any other personal information such as bank details is not stored by us and any other information you give to us via our booking form remains with us until your booking is terminated.


We only ask you for the personal information set out in the booking form and will only use email addresses and names for future promotional emails should we feel you may be interested. You are able to opt out of this at any time.


Should you require any other information or wish to change the information that you give to us you are able to email us and change any details in writing.


We will never sell or share your personal information.


Inner Sanctum Pilton Ltd may change this privacy policy at any time and will let you know of any changes should you decide to make a booking with us.


When individual tents or the whole VIP village is booked the Client and the whole party booking are agreeing to the following.

As well as the terms and conditions set out above, the following Extra TERMS & CONDITIONS apply: 

1.Our private taxi is available on request with prior arrangement. The taxi number is found in your welcome pack.

2.Our concierge team is available from 8am – 11pm. Any requests after this time will incur extra fees and payable upfront.

3. SIA security is on hand 24hrs a day.

4. The Client and all in the party booking agree to behave appropriately and agree to abide by the these terms and conditions as well as those set out above.

5. Room service is available from 8am – 11pm. The room service number is found in your welcome pack. This service is only available by phone / text on the number given solely for this purpose. Any requests after 11pm will incur extra fees payable at the time.

6. The private shuttle will collect you from Inner Sanctum Pilton main entrance and drop you at the agreed drop off/collection place, namely, Bronze Gate (closest to Pedestrian Gate A). Any other Pedestrian gate drop off / collection point can be arranged with prior arrangement and incur an extra fee that must be paid prior to the journey.

7. The Client and the Party booking will receive one bottle of sparkling wine / Prosecco on arrival and one large bottle of Sparkling Spring water. More is available on request and will incur extra cost that must be paid prior to the delivery.

 8.The accommodation will be furnished and it is the responsibility of The Client to ensure the contents is taken care of. Any damage will be paid for by The Client. Please refer to the main set of Terms and Conditions found on the website

9. Each accommodation within the VIP village will have electricity points as standard. These are for charging mobile devices only.

10.  Any sound systems must be kept to a minimum and no loud noise between 2am and 10am. See our main terms and conditions.

11. A hamper of snacks and beauty products will be available on your arrival. These will not be replenished and The Company will not be held responsible for any allergies or intolerances and it is The Clients responsibility to ensure they are safe from any such allergies or intolerances they or members of their party may have.

12. Fresh towels are provided on arrival and each morning clean ones will be available from the yurt reception. Should you want to exchange your towels for fresh ones we require the used one’s to be handed to reception to exchange.

13. A designated VIP area is available inside the Yurt Restaurant. You will have your own waiting staff for the duration of your time in the Yurt Restaurant.

14. Breakfast, Lunch and Evening Meals are available within the Yurt Restaurant. There are set times for each sitting and set menus. Refunds will not be given should you miss the designated time frame. The menu is available in advance upon request.

15. The VIP village has a spa area. This is serviced by our Spa team and you will agree to abide by the Spa rules that will be outlined on arrival. See our general terms and conditions for use.

16. A £100 credit note is available for each guest to use in The Beaute Shed within opening times. Pre-booking is essential. There is the option of booking further treatments, extra charges apply.

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