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10 reasons why we love Glasto Fest Feed: 2023 guide for pure Glastonbury delight.

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Inner Sanctum's tour of this awesome Glastonbury guide on the internet - read 'til the end and you'll agree!

There's a wealth of festival blogs that act as a guide to Glastonbury Festival 2023, but none quite like the mighty Glasto Fest Feed. These guys were so forthcoming in supporting our fledgling business - can't thank them enough!

Read on for 10 reasons why we rate this incredible website....

Screenshot of GlastoFestFeed's website features page
Psst! Can you see us there at the top? We were honoured to tell our story on the features section.

10 reasons why Glasto Fest Feed is awesome:


1. They think of everything, so you don't have to!

You only need to browse the menus on the homepage to see that this Glastonbury guide has seriously covered everything, so if you don't know where to start - then this is a good place.

If you know what you want, but you don't see your topic instantly, you can use their search bar to pull up all the results that will provide exactly what you need.

From festival news and line-up rumours to information on food, drink, and even a packing list - you can be sure that you'll find everything you need to know about Glastonbury 2023.

2. GlastoMoments submitted by Glasto-goers gives exclusive insight.

Story-telling at it's finest. There's nothing like the real deal: story-telling at it's finest - from the viewpoint of people that make Glastonbury unique. GlastoMoments is "A crowdsourced collection of videos showcasing those magical moments that make Glastonbury Festival so special." and anyone can submit:

"We ask that you share videos of those magical / crazy / quirky / funny / happy / sad moments that make Glastonbury Festival so special."

There's a dedicated playlist on Glasto Fest Feed's YouTube Channel for you to enjoy:

3. You'll find unique festival-inspired gifts made by local crafters.

This is a bonus all year round; find gifts for festival loving friends in the Glasto Fest Feed shop. We are seriously impressed with the stock - all made by local creatives.

Honestly, go and have a dig. Our favourite find so far is this Glastonbury Festival Tea Cosy knitting pattern by TeaCosyFolk - simply delightful! The prices are really reasonable, too.

4. There's real people behind it.

Authentic authors mean proper insight - because they care about what they're writing!

Visit the 'authors' page and you'll find that these writers are fans, experts, industry professionals and festival veterans - with a rich history at Glastonbury.

"Everyone who has ever been to Glastonbury knows it is much more than just a music festival… It is a way of life, nothing less – we eat, sleep, live and breathe Glastonbury Festival."
a screenshot of the Glasto Fest Feed authors page

5. They tell the whole story.

Speaking of history, you can be sure to get the full picture of the history of Glastonbury Festival with Glasto Fest Feed.

The famous 1950s & 60s street photographer Robert Blomfield's son is a contributor (see Will Blomfield above) - and wow does he have some archive footage to gawp at! Here's one of from the article Rare colour photos show the 1st and 2nd ever Glastonbury Festival from 1970 and 1971.

6. Daily updates means you get all the latest and greatest.

They report as it happens; with daily updates you can rest assured that you're hearing it here, first. Get it to your inbox when you sign up to their epic newsletter.

A screenshot of an 'updated daily' info banner from the glasto fest feed website

7 . They share real festival advice: by the people, for the people.

You can tell that Glasto Fest Feed has your best interests at heart; everyone is treated with care and respect - whether you're a first timer or a seasoned pro.

Even in the comments on this YouTube video, you can see people getting involved and offering advice. That's the Glasto Fest Feed way - collabortion!

8. There's tonnes of information about volunteering at Glastonbury 2023.

Volunteering is such an incredible way to experience Glastonbury Festival. Glasto Fest Feed provides up to date, clear advice about what's availlable and how to apply. Quick now though, not many spaces left at this stage!

9. They support small businesses, like ours!

You may have seen us mention before...once or twice... but we are so honoured to have been given this platform to tell our story on.

We dug up memories from years back - it was a really wonderful experience just to write it and we have been bowled over by the response from it. Read the story here.

10. You can get lost for hours (just like at the real festival!)

If all of the above wasn't enough, take a peek through the Glastomonials Gallery - this is the very best bit of the website in our opinion. We've spent hours digging through this treasure trove of stories told by Glasto-goers.

Here's what it's all for:

You can submit your Glastomonial here. Give us a nudge if you do; we'd love to read it!


We hope that this gave some insight on Glasto Fest Feed's wonderful website. Be sure to follow them - and all the Glastonbury crew - on socials.

Enjoyed this guide? Find more on our blogs or explore hidden delights of our campsite here.

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