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Getting pretty in tents: 6 ways private camping will level up your Glastonbury 2023 experience.

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Each year, Glastonbury Festival attracts thousands of free-spirited souls, making it - by far -one of the most iconic and vibrant music festivals in the world. Massive crowds, loud music, and wild parties, it’s a lot of fun… but it's not a place for peace and quiet.

If you want to experience Glastonbury Festival without sacrificing your privacy, safety, and well-being, then private camping is for you.

Inner Sanctum is a new and totally original private campsite - just 3 minutes shuttle ride into Glastonbury Festival. We are built with decades of festival work, event management, and yurt-building experience behind us: 100% independent, family-run, and full of authentic charm.


08.04 - news flash from Lizzie! The annual Glastonbury ticket re-sale frenzy begins and the race is on to book accommodation.

The inevitable flurry that comes with the ticket re-sale is in full swing. Book now to guarantee your preferred tent type & size with us at Glastonbury 2023. It's our mission that every guest is able to enjoy the open space, treatments, and hospitality available to them at Inner Sanctum. For that reason, we maintain a firm cap on numbers to ensure the quality of our offering.

Now's the time to book, it's about to get busy - click here for enquiries.

👉Click here for Glasto Fest Feed's Glastonbury 2023 ticket balance payment and resale FAQ.

Budget-conscious? We've got your back. Book before 30th April to secure your camping package with just a 50% deposit - with nothing else to pay until the end of May.

Special occasion? Tell us your requirements; we will find the perfect pitch to help to make it memorable.


#1: Security

Above all else, you want to be sure that when you leave your tent, it’s safe from intrusion. Whether it's done with malicious intent or it's fuelled by inebriation, having your personal space tampered with is never nice.

👮‍ At Inner Sanctum, we have 24/7 security on duty and - with a custom wristband system - we only allow guests through our gates.

You can eliminate any concern about your possessions being safe when you’re out and about - miles from your tent. When you’re booked in at Inner Sanctum you can party on with confidence. You can fully enjoy yourself, safe in the knowledge that only you will have access to your tent. Nothing can get stolen, fiddled with, or - speaking from a terrible personal experience - peed on! 🤦‍♀️

#2: Sound Sleep

There’s nothing worse than losing your get-up-and-go before the end of the festival, so it’s essential that you rest and recuperate each night. Sleep is important for your well-being at the best of times, so it’s imperative when you’re burning through your energy reserves at a festival.

💤At Inner Sanctum, you can choose between Tipis, Bell Tents, or Yurts - each one acting as your personal paradise, hidden amongst the party.

Exploring, dancing, trying new things, and laughing ‘til you cry - it’s tiring stuff! Charge your body batteries whenever you need - a real bed, with a memory foam mattress and fresh linen enables the restoring sleep you need.

Unlike busy public camping areas - where low-quality mini-speakers blast from neighbours' tents ‘til dawn and you’re woken to jarring yells of ALAAAN all night (🙄so over that, now) - Inner Sanctum allows you to sleep easy, free from loud music or rowdy crowds.

The party doesn't have to stop when you get back, though. Our field’s large enough for you to do things your way, on your terms. We offer both secluded and/or quiet camping or not-so-quiet camping at Inner Sanctum - the party stops when you want it to. Click here to take a closer look at our fully-furnished tents.

#3: Happy Body, Happy Mind

Besides the all-important sleep, your overall well-being is essential for a positive Glastonbury experience; so it's important to actively support your physical and mental health. Of course, we have hot showers and posh loos - but step into our Well-Being area and we’ll go the extra mile to make sure your body and mind are cared for.

Crowds and loud music can spell sensory overload, so reduce stress by escaping to a safe haven with a wealth of rejuvenating treatments at hand. As a guest at Inner Sanctum, you can enjoy complimentary hot tubs (upgrade to a private tub for the ultimate pamper experience) to soothe your aching bones and a woodfired sauna to cleanse any toxins from your system.

Our experts are here every day of the festival, offering massage, Shiatsu, and group yoga sessions. They use sustainable products in their treatments - leaving you feeling calm, collected, and ready to take on the festival.

#4: Child Safety

Bringing kids to Glastonbury can be daunting at the best of times, not least when you haven't got a safe and secure base to return to at night. Additionally, trying to get them clean, dry, and fed with nutritious food, all in time for bed at a reasonable(ish) time? A right palaver when you’re in public camping. We are not just family-friendly, but family-run.

Having lived here in Pilton for over 12 years, our 3 children have grown up immersed in Glastonbury Festival life, and over the years, we’ve picked up every trick in the book. We love sharing our knowledge on where to go, what to see, and how to really enjoy the festival with little ones in tow.

We’re currently writing the Inner Sanctum Guide to Kids at Glastonbury. Sign up for our newsletter via the pop-up on our homepage and we’ll send the guide straight to your inbox when it’s finished.

#5: Nourishing Food

Finding sustainable, nutritional festival food that also tastes good can be a minefield. We’ve invited an exciting mix of eco-friendly suppliers to Inner Sanctum: high quality, with low waste. Our Yurt Restaurant caterers Ceylon & Beyond are a prime example.

They pass the mandatory planet-friendly test with bright and vibrant colours, but we chose them specifically on the basis that their Sri Lankan-inspired street food is both delicious and nourishing.

Keep moving and grooving with energy-boosting vitamin and mineral-packed dishes, made using fresh and authentic ingredients.

What’s more, you won’t have to queue for hours to get it as we're careful not to overbook our campsite. As a guest at Inner Sanctum, you'll tuck into a complimentary hot-cooked breakfast each morning, then Ceylon & Beyond will continue to serve their signature cuisine throughout the day.

We interviewed Ceylon & Beyond in our recent blog - click here to read.

#6: Privacy

Glastonbury Festival is a magical place for couples: you’ll leave with countless unforgettable memories to cherish for a lifetime. If you've been to public camping before, you may well have heard other couples making such memories in your neighbouring tents.

At Inner Sanctum, we understand that your alone time is, well.. time alone. Tell us you're on a romantic getaway and we'll pitch your tent accordingly. You can keep the lights on: our walls are kitted out with canvas walls - so there’s no chance of casting a shadow show for all to see.

Make it extra special - book a private hot tub next to your tent. Head to the Well-Being Area for massages, order a dinner for two under the stars and you’ve got yourself a date night that'll go down in history.

Still unsure about private camping at Glastonbury 2023?

Book a call and let us answer your questions or discover more about how Inner Sanctum can help you have the best Glastonbury ever in our blogs.

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